When you obtain a brand new hosting account, your monthly payment is processed, the account is made and as automated as the whole process can be, there're always little things that are conducted personally. For a virtual or a dedicated server there are even more jobs to be done considering that these types of hosting normally require a manual setup, software installation & configuration, checking the server platform in order to guarantee that all things are working fine, and so on. To pay for the expenses for the time and efforts these things take, a lot of companies collect a one-time installation cost to be paid by their clients on top of the price for the shared hosting. The fee in most cases applies to any new hosting account being ordered and it's hardly ever listed on the company’s website, however it appears on your checkout page.

Setup Fee in Shared Hosting

When you get a shared hosting plan through us, the final price that you'll need to pay during the checkout will be identical to the cost you have already seen on the front page or on any other page on our site. The processing of the payment and the account creation on our powerful cloud hosting platform are close to fully automated, so we think that charging you any kind of setup fees whatsoever is rather unreasonable. Even if you acquire several accounts at once, you will not need to spend anything for their installation or for any other kind of concealed fees for that matter. It's our concept that being honest to each client since the very beginning is way more important than receiving a few extra dollars.